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Recreations and remains of Animals.Some of these images are of an extreme nature.
Click to view our work simulating crime scene, battlefield and disaster trauma.
Images in this section are of an extreme nature and may distress sensitive viewers.
Life casting - Pictured,cast hands in translucent urethane .
Classical sculptural technique.

Historical Monument and Mannequin Busts

Life-cast faces rendered in bronze
Mechanical Reproduction - X4 Rubber Stunt Jackhammers. Removable Bit
Sculpted and cast Dragons
Statue Of Liberty Paperweights copied from Bronze original. X 200 copies for promotional campaign.
Egyptian Style , modern and archaic. Sekhmet mask and Hieroglyphic tablet. Scarab Beetle Amulet
(Undead) Punch and Judy Puppets
Whistling Pete design and realisation
Alien plant
Alien Queen presthetic
Demon Mask
Gag Order

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